Zmodo’s New Home Security Camera Snap Pro Debut CES 2019

2019 CES has many achievements in smart security. For example, Snap Pro’s new Zmodo home security camera appeared on this CES 2019 and attracted the attention of exhibitors. So what about this home security camera? Let’s take a look.


Snap Pro

It is equipped with a rechargeable battery and does not require the user to always use it for charging, which brings great convenience for daily use. It also has 1080p HD resolution and a 360-degree viewing angle, making it easy to respond to user-safe home recordings. Thanks to the product features, this security camera not only can be used indoors, but also has a good performance outside. Even in the night environment, its infrared night vision function can help us to complete the security guard task. It supports two-way intercom function, and it is very convenient and practical to complete calls with family members through the camera.

Looking back at Pivot 2016, this is another Zmodo camera we saw at CES. But unlike Pivot, Snap Pro is battery powered and is said to be waterproof. Pivot is a fixed indoor camera with panning capabilities. Zmodo also presented two new products at the technical conference – the tuning thermostat and the flow water valve.

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