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On September 5, 2018, the smart wristband market finally ushered in two heavyweight products, namely the HONOR wristband 4 and the 4Running version of the honor wristband that HONOR just released. As one of the leading brands of smart wearable devices, HONOR has the strength to make a product that breaks the limitations of the current smart wristband, and these two wristbands represent the honor to meet the efforts of users.

HONOR wristband

The HONOR wristband 4 comes with a large color screen and can be touched; the HONOR wristband 4Running Edition helps users correct their running posture. The product I got in my hand is the 4Running version of the HONOR wristband. The official promotion of it is “Let the running posture be more professional”. From the official information, it can be seen that honor brings a new function to this product – correcting the running posture, and this new function is not available in other current price wristbands. As for what it is, let the author tell you with the actual experience.


HONOR wristband

The 4Running version of the HONOR wristband continues the lightness and convenience of the previous generation. The weight of the strap + main bean is only 17g. And for added comfort, a multi-vented combination strap design is also used. When I wear it on my wrist, I can’t feel the weight of it, and I feel very good.

Coming to the strap section, the 4Running version of the HONOR wristband features a two-tone wristband design that is more stylish and eye-catching in appearance than an ordinary monochrome wristband design. The color of the wristband I got is called turf green, which is made up of green and gray. The combination of these two colors makes the appearance of this wristband both gray and low-key, and has a green laurel. The overall look is very stylish.

Look at the main part of the 4Running version of the HONOR wristband. The design style of the whole body of the wristband is different from the consistent roundness in the market, but it is slightly flat and slightly longer, and the overall texture is good. The author thinks that this design is not only to make the body of the wristband less likely to fall off, but also to lay the foundation for a new way of wearing.

In addition, the manipulation of the main body of the wristband continues the way of the previous generation, that is, by touching the circular “home” button at the bottom of the main screen.

Features & Experience

HONOR wristband

In terms of general functions, the HONOR wristband 4Running version is also the same as most smart wristbands on the market, supporting steps, message notification, sedentary reminder, sleep detection, call reminder and other functions. Since they are all the same, I don’t have much to say. What I am going to say today is its running detection function.

Before talking about the running detection function, let me talk about the principle. Most of the wristbands on the market today use a three-axis sensor. This sensor can be used for several cycles, counts, and it is difficult to accurately calculate the distance, length, and angle values. The HONOR wristband 4Running uses a six-axis sensor, plus a high-precision algorithm to calculate the trajectory of the object in space.

The three-axis sensor can only remember your steps, and the six-axis sensor can not only record your steps, but also record your movement trajectory. Even indoors, the accuracy of measuring the running distance can reach 97% or more. That’s why the 4Running version of the HONOR Bracelet can help you correct your running posture.

Ok, after finishing the principle, let’s start measuring the running detection function to see if it really helps us.

Next, we will introduce you to a novel way of wearing – foot wear, this way of wearing will help you correct the running posture.

HONOR wristband

First pass the buckle from under the lace, and cut the head toward the toe.

HONOR wristband

Then align the main body charging metal contact with the metal spring of the shoe buckle and buckle into the shoe buckle.

HONOR wristband

After entering the running mode, it can monitor the stride frequency, stride length, landing mode, swing angle, landing impact, ground contact time and eversion range to accumulate 7 professional running posture data.

After using this novel running detection function, the author, as a newcomer to sports, found that there are some problems in his habit of running. According to the app’s suggestion: I should be close to the center of gravity of the body, and the forefoot or forefoot should be softly and elastically grounded to cushion the whole foot and quickly leave the ground. The measures to improve the running posture are: training by skipping, lunge jumping, deep sea jumping, etc., improving the muscle strength and explosive power of the lower limbs, and improving the conversion efficiency of muscle elastic energy. It is worth mentioning that the proposed algorithm is supported by the Sports Science Research Institute of the State Sports General Administration. The authority and reliability are unquestionable.

After following the tips of the app, I found that I was able to control my focus better when I was running, and I didn’t run so tired before. The 4Running version of the HONOR wristband is just one for the author. A private running instructor. It can be said that this function is a great boon for those who love running, especially for sports newcomers.

In addition, the 4Running version of the HONOR wristband also has a feature that I feel very nice. If you don’t want to bring your phone while you are running, that’s fine. The HONOR wristband 4Running version can also work independently. After you get the phone and synchronize with the wristband, you only need to tap the APP interface to easily synchronize the running position monitoring data to the phone.

HONOR wristband

Finally, the author summarizes the benefits of the run detection feature:

Benefit 1: Improve running results

It can help you reduce the energy loss caused by unreasonable posture and make you run more effortlessly. Long-term wear equipment running training, can observe the connection between running posture parameters and sports performance, and gradually improve these parameters through training, which helps to find the key point of speed adjustment.

Benefit 2: Prevent sports injuries

It can promote runners to pay attention to their running posture, gradually improve the running technology through the improvement of running posture parameters, better utilize the human body structure to cope with the load generated by running, and reduce the risk of muscle and joint damage.

Benefit 3: Data measurement is more accurate

Compared to the three-axis, the six-axis sensor will also have more processing power, combined with the positional advantage of the foot wearing, coupled with accurate running posture algorithm, can make the step is more realistic.

Other aspects

HONOR wristband

The HONOR wristband 4Running version also supports 50 meters waterproof, daily swimming, hand washing, rain and many other sports scenes will not be in the words; endurance, HONOR wristband 4Running version uses high-performance, low-power processor, standby 21 days The typical scene can work for 2 weeks.

As far as the actual use situation is concerned, during the period of use, the battery consumption of the wristband is very small. In the case of normally opening the Bluetooth connection mobile phone, there is no problem for more than half a month of battery life. Of course, the specific battery life performance depends on personal use. And set.

HONOR wristband

Purchase suggestion

In general, the 4Running version of the HONOR wristband is used as a honor to break the market. Its running posture detection function has injected new vitality into the uniform wristband market, and at the same time, it is also the future development of the smart wristband to some extent. Indicated the direction.

The 4Running version of the HONOR wristband is undoubtedly the biggest boon for runners. This wristband is like a personal trainer. It can help you exercise better and improve your running efficiency.

For those who like sports and love to run, don’t hesitate to hurry up and get the 4Running version of the HONOR wristband with strength and strength to experience its powerful features.


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