Wireless Car Charger Mount-Baseus Gravity Car Mount Air Vent Phone Holder


Baseus WirelessDrive 1-Air

Convenient viewing and wireless charging simultaneously! Get the most out of your phone while driving with this wireless charging mount that allows easily viewing of your smartphone with no need to constantly plug into power. Simply attach the mount to any air vent on your dashboard and slide your phone in one-handed.

  • Advanced 10W wireless charge technology
  • Radiation shielding and overheat-protection
  • Compatiable with all Qi-Certified smartphones
  • WirelessDrive is our flagship series of wireless car chargers, built using only premium materials and the most advanced wireless charging technology.
  • Baseus is a member of Wireless Power Consortium.


  • Works with all Qi Devices! – This wireless car charger is compatible with iPhone X/8/8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Note 5, S6 Edge+, S7 and S7 Edge, Nokia 9, Nexus 5/6 and other Qi-enabled wireless smartphones. 10W charging for compatible devices!
  • Smart Chip – Built-in IC chip intelligently detects the exact power needed and optimizes charging. Also provides voltage protection, temperature control, and many more advanced safety features.
  • One-handed Operation – Mount to any air vent. Simply slip your phone onto the wireless car charger mount and the dual mount arms securely grip your phone so it will never fall out. Super convenient!
  • Adjustable Viewing – Ball pivot joint provides a wide range of adjustability. Great for both driver and passenger viewing. Easy to see no matter the mounting position.
  • What You Get: 1 x WirelessDrive 1-Air (Wireless Car Charger), 1 x USB Power Cable ( car charger adapter NOT included), 18-month warranty, and friendly customer service.


Before using this wireless car charger, please take one minute to read our below attentions:

1. To ensure the charger work effectively, please remove your phone case, metal elements, and credit cards before charging.

2. Since the Charging speed of this charger depends on your adapter, we highly recommend you to choose a Quick Charge 3.0 adapter to get a faster charging.

3. It is normal that your phone will get warm while charging and it will not damage your device.

4. Please kindly be sure your phone is evenly resting at the bottom of the mount otherwise it will cause an intermittent problem.

5. Charging your phone with the screen on will lead to a large consumption, we highly recommend you turn the screen off while charging.

6. When your phone disconnect from charging while on a bumpy road, just simply realign your phone for continue charging.

Customer Reviews:

  • The wireless car charger is compact and works well. It’s all plastic so it will not scratch my phone. It does have padding where the charger touches the phone. It automatically clamps down when you put the phone in it. The micro usb connector is on the back at the bottom so it is hidden. It comes with a charging cable for your car (usb port). The vent clamp is small so it should easily fit most car vents.
  • Great wireless charger that’s also acts as a phone mount! It’s cleverly made so it’s easy to mount your phone securely but can easily be removed! When you set your phone on it, the sides close in to secure your phone and when you pull your phone out the sides moves apart.
  • I got this along with a $5 ball mount and mounted it to a proclip car mount. I use a 2.4A smart charger with the USB cord included with the Baseus and it works great, even with the cheap stick-on wireless charging pad and slim case I have on my phone.

    I did try it with the vent holder, and was surprised how sturdy it was, although the proclip mount is in a better position in my car so I use that.

    The gravity mount is excellent. It holds the phone very well, but you do have to press down a bit and ensure the arms are tight to get the fastest charging. It will charge about 20% per hour on my phone when it’s not being used, and about 5% per hour when it is being used to the max (full brightness GPS while streaming music). To release the phone more easily, lift up on the bottom legs.

  • This car charger mount is actually a great one when it works. I like the fact that it’s so easy to use it. Just slide the phone into the cradle, and it will grip it well. Lift the phone up to take it out of the holder.

    However, the wireless charger works intermittently. Sometimes it will charge my Note8, and sometimes it doesn’t. There are times it just stopped charging after charging the phone for a while.

    This happens both when I use a case on my phone and when I don’t. I thought I got a defective unit. But, the second one I got acts the same as well. Not sure what causes it.

    It’s quite disappointing because I really wanted to like this car charger mount. I use Anker car charger with Power IQ. It shows fast charging when it was able to charge my phone, though. So, the claim it does rapid charge is true–when it works.




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