Tmall Elf X1 Experience & Shopping Home – a mouth full of it

Today, smart homes are becoming more and more popular, and a smart speaker that can help you operate all your homes as long as you speak can be very user-friendly. The appearance of the Tmall Elf X1 is undoubtedly a gift to the smart home life. Because it is from Ali, the Tmall Elf has a clear advantage in shopping, which is more suitable for people’s lives.

Let’s talk about hardware first. As an artificial intelligence speaker, the audio effect of voice dialogue is the most important. The Tmall Elf X1 uses the first chip developed specifically for the intelligent voice industry to improve decoding, noise reduction, and sound processing efficiency. At the same time, it has added a separate NEON processing unit to accelerate audio and voice processing, telephony and voice synthesis. Bring better speech recognition and audio processing effects.

In terms of voice broadcast, the seiyuu of the Tmall Elf chose Yu Ying, who has rich voice of the film and television, and the technical end uses stitching. Compared to Siri (parametric synth), actual playback is more affinitive. Especially the wake-up sound: I am, you said. Let users have a very close feeling, and in the future will slowly open the voice package to achieve a variety of sound.

Many friends will think that the environmental noise will affect the sound effect of this speaker. This big one can not worry. In terms of sound collection, the Tmall Elf X1 custom chip, combined with the six-microphone radio array technology, achieves no dead angle. In a noisy conference room, you can still wake up.

In terms of life shopping, Taobao is already a shopping method that people can’t live without. Whether it is mobile phone recharge, life payment, etc., Tmall Elf X1 can help you complete it. What you have to do is tell your own requirements. It, the bound account is your own Taobao or Alipay.

For example, mobile phone recharge, it will first ask you to recharge the mobile phone number, and then determine again, and finally identify the voiceprint, triple security payment, to ensure that the children or other people in the home will not use your account for consumption. In addition, if you want to buy something, it will choose the highest-selling or most cost-effective product, saving you the time of screening. In the follow-up of shopping, you can always let it help you check the progress of logistics, all work does not need to open the phone.

Many urban white-collar workers are used to ordering takeaways. This little thing, of course, can also be done by the Tmall Elf. Friends nearby often worry about what to eat every day. The Tmall Elf X1 can also help you solve it. It will intelligently select some merchants with higher ratings nearby to recommend it to you. According to your requirements, it will change your recommended dishes, although I can’t see the sample picture of the takeaway, but the Tmall Elf will voice out the basic information or the latest offer package. Of course, if you are sure you want to eat, then it is convenient, just call the Lynx Elves to help you place an order. After using it for a while, let the Tmall Elf slowly familiar with your preferences, and the recommended things will become more and more suitable for you personally.

In addition to the take-away recommended dishes, its query function is also very powerful. I didn’t know how to ask Baidu before. Now I don’t know how to ask the Tmall Elf directly. Whether it is life trivia or science knowledge, I will know all about it. .

In the dialogue, you can find that as a main “smart” human-computer interaction device, the Tmall Elf X1 has a foundation in semantic understanding and learning. For example, if you want to listen to some sleep music before going to bed at night, the Tmall Wizard will automatically filter. The hypnotic music collection plays directly, and Siri can’t complete this request.

For entertainment, hello Tmall, I want to listen to some songs. According to your preference, it will play some songs for you. If you touch your favorite songs, you can also collect the song list or ask for the name of the song it is playing now. Of course, the source of your preference is that you should use it often.

Of course, not only these, radio, books, storytelling, jokes, etc. are all things that the Tmall Elf can do. More content has to be discovered by users themselves.

From the initial acquaintance, to slowly becoming familiar with you and understanding your preferences, it is like a housekeeper, managing your daily life, more like knowing a close friend.

In the future life, intelligent terminal control is definitely indispensable. The Tmall Elf X1 is like a futuristic smart butler, helping you to cook all the trivial things in life. The development of artificial intelligence is to make people’s life change. To be more comfortable and comfortable, you don’t have to spend time to take care of the trivial things in life. Although it is still only a preliminary stage, I believe that artificial intelligence will be able to develop better in the future.

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