Samsung The New Bixby – To Build a Smart Home Life

The alarm clock in the morning is still “calling” gently, and the coffee pot has been scented. At this moment, as soon as the alarm clock is pressed, the curtains are automatically opened, and the sunlight shines into the room. The soft music flows quietly, and the pet food and water are automatically changed. Even if you are thousands of miles away from home, you can remotely control your own air conditioners, doors and windows, etc… You will be surprised to find that this scene that only appeared in science fiction works is now gradually entering our real life.

Technology first – The New Bixby builds a smart life in the future


With the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology and the coming of the 5G era, the intelligent life created by the Internet  is coming. People’s demands for safety, comfort and efficiency in life and work have also greatly increased the demand for home intelligence. Various smart home products point to different subdivision scenes and are integrated into the life, clothing, food and shelter of our lives. in. Samsung released the Galaxy Note9 this year and also launched the new upgrade of The new Bixby, and with its technological innovation, it has become another vane of Samsung in the field of artificial intelligence and Internet of Things.

Last year, Samsung launched Bixby, which brought consumers a new artificial intelligence multi-mode interactive experience, which realized the transition from point-to-touch to voice control and was loved by many consumers. Now The new Bixby can help users do more things. Through the revolutionary service upgrade based on artificial intelligence, it will be able to empower Samsung’s own ecosystem to bring consumers a more convenient and convenient life experience.

The new upgrade of The New Bixby is still open to attract more and more partners to join, not only to allow users to enjoy more features and services, but also to help users manage and control the home through Samsung Zhijia IoT devices enable cross-device, cross-service and cross-language artificial intelligence interactive experiences, and gradually open a seamless, continuous, personalized and creative smart life era.

Technology upgrade – The New Bixby makes products know you better


The combination of The new Bixby and IoT technology is a new highlight after the upgrade. In the future, more third-party partners will be available to access Samsung’s Internet of Things. The upgraded The new Bixby takes cloud services as the core and implements voice control through AI technology. In addition, the biggest difference with Bixby is that even if the related app is not installed in the mobile phone, The new Bixby can also directly call the function or service of the related APP through the cloud, so that the consumer is exempted from downloading and installing, or inconvenience of frequently updating the APP.

To further enhance the user experience, The new Bixby’s multiple upgrades make the product more user-friendly. For example, The new Bixby has upgraded the three directions of speech recognition, natural language understanding and dialogue management technology. For the user’s voice command, instead of simply obeying the machine, but to perceive the current scene and fully understand the context of the user’s current conversation, The new Bixby is like a natural conversation, step by step, just like chatting with your friends or assistants. You are done using it. The new Bixby can also learn more about the user by learning the user’s daily habits, so that the new Bixby in each user’s mobile phone is tailored to give more personalized recommendations, and truly artificial intelligence.

It can be said that in today’s hot artificial intelligence field, Samsung once again brings new experiences and services through innovation, and makes people’s lives more convenient. The birth of The new Bixby is not only to optimize the experience, to enrich the function, but more importantly, it can also exert greater potential in the future Internet of Things era, and the more mature artificial intelligence technology can be more and more understood. Users need to truly understand the consumer and become a tacit partner of the user.

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