Mijia Products:Build Your Own Smart Home with Low Budget

” Smart Home “ may be a long-distance thing in many people’s perceptions. Some people think that using mobile phone control is equal to intelligence. I think all smart homes that need to take out mobile phones to open APP control are Playing tricks. True intelligence should be integrated into life and provide convenience to users. In fact, Xiaomi’s smart home eco-chain has been widely deployed and can provide users with low-cost solutions.

1. Green rice air conditioner companion

Who said that if you want to change the smart air conditioner, you can count on smart home? The air conditioner partner will make your traditional home appliances smart.

Xiaomi has released a Mijia fan, Mijia Internet air conditioner. In order to build a smart home, is it necessary to replace your air conditioner in the home and fan? Of course not! The air conditioner companion integrates the infrared remote control function and the gateway function, and can be applied to most infrared air conditioners such as air conditioners and water heaters on the market. And for air conditioning control, not only the control temperature of the mechanical cycle, but also the temperature or mode can be directly selected through the intuitive interface, which is more convenient than the remote control of the air conditioner, and can also monitor the power and power consumption.

Such as timed shutdown, etc. are basic functions, built-in quick-cooling and sleep mode, to achieve different effects by setting different temperatures and wind speeds at different times. In addition to air conditioning control, it can also control other infrared devices in the same room. In addition to controlling the air conditioner, you can uses an air conditioner companion to control the electric fan and the TV . Do you think this is the end? Air-conditioning companion can also be used as a gateway and radio. In fact, it inherits all the functions of Xiaomi Multi-Function Gateway. The price/performance ratio is very high and highly recommended.


2. Mijia intelligent power strip

Traditional appliances that work directly with electricity can now be managed by smart Power Strip.

In fact, the Mijia smart Power Strip is an ordinary six-hole Power Strip with remote control, power statistics, timing switch and other functions. Simple switch control is very practical in practical applications. The simplest example is a product such as mosquito coils or electric blankets that may be forgotten to close. Using the smart Power Strip , you can turn the smart console light on and off. Of course, you can use the mobile phone to control a small step directly. The subsequent linkage experience with other scenes is even better.

There are many products with similar functions in the Mijia product line, such as the Mijia smart socket, but with the same price,why don’t we choose more holes? However, the six-hole power supply on the power strip also controls the switch at the same time. If we can choose a product with independent control of different holes, then our idea may be more daring.


3. Various types of sensors

They can’t work independently, but if you want to experience the humanized smart home, the sensor is the premise

Mijia Door and window sensor

Opening and closing the door is the most common smart scene, such as opening the door to turn on the lights, closing the door to close all appliances is a very simple application. The door and window sensor is magnetically attached to the door and window switch, which is easy to install and directly attached between the door and the door frame. The battery life can last for more than two years.


Mijia body sensor

Some special scenes in the home need to perform certain operations when the person or pet passes, such as getting up in the middle of the night to put the human body sensor on the side of the bedside table to sense the movement of the human body and then light up the night light. The sensor also lasts for more than 2 years and supports pasting or placing directly

Mijia Bluetooth Thermometer

In addition to the most direct mobile perception, indoor temperature and humidity changes can also be used to set up some smart scenes. The Mijia Bluetooth Hygrometer has an LCD screen that can directly read the temperature and humidity through the screen. The Sensirion temperature and humidity sensor is built-in to accurately sense 0.1°C room temperature change and 0.1% relative humidity change. A 7-cell battery is used, which lasts for one year and is easy to replace at any time.


4. All kinds of intelligent lighting equipment

For the current smart home, lighting may be the most basic smart scene. Some imported smart lamps are expensive, and the lamps launched by Xiaomi’s own and third-party manufacturers have greatly reduced the price. In addition to the simplest switching operation, these lamps can also adjust the brightness and darkness, and some can even emit colored lights and dynamic effects.

Mijia led smart table lamp

There are two table lamps in the Mijia products, among which the Mijia table lamp is the most recommended (the other Philips table lamp is strongly not recommended). The product itself has a good design and won the iF design award and the Japanese excellent design award. Red Dot Award and IDEA Award. There is no video flashing light to relieve eye fatigue. The desk lamp adjusts the light according to the four common usage scenarios, and can adjust the light and dark color temperature by pressing and rotating.


Yeelight LED Smart Bulb

An ordinary color light bulb has added intelligent control function, which is not well introduced. If you want to achieve a simple basic intelligent lighting scene at a lower cost, then buy a light bulb.


Mijia Philips ceiling light

Mijia’s ceiling lamps are mostly yeelight products, but this Philips Zhirui ceiling lamp has a higher illumination intensity at lower prices, and the main light source can be used in most rooms up to 33w. The product is equipped with a dedicated temperature sensor to control the light and warm according to the indoor temperature.


5. Lvmi wall switch


Smart lighting must buy smart lights? In fact, changing the switch can also solve the problem.

As mentioned in the intelligent lighting equipment, although Xiaomi has already put the price down very low, it is still a waste to replace the smart light fixtures and disassemble the lamps. If you use Lvmi wall switch, you can turn the traditional luminaire into a smart luminaire, which realizes the function of traditional luminaire control through mobile phone and scene linkage. The product is transmitted by zigbee, so it must be based on the gateway and divided into several versions with or without zero-line single-key and double-key. If the whole house uses Lvmi switch, the cost may be much higher. It is recommended to install in several key positions. Such as stairs porch stool place.

6. Xiaomi AI Speaker

Voice control may be the most suitable smart home control method at present.

First of all, not to mention the intelligence as a Bluetooth speaker , the value of the design (purifier MINI models) and sound quality is worthy. The voice recognition capability of the smart speaker is among the leading level among many smart speakers, the most basic listening songs, asking the weather, setting alarm clocks, and checking messages. The functions are all pediatrics; the biggest highlight of the speaker is the linkage with Mijia products. Voice control may be the most suitable smart home solution at present. Most of the intelligent scenes introduced later will rely on Xiaomi AI speakers.


After the above recommended 6 types of products are bought, you can start to build your own smart home!

Intelligent scene case introduction

Scene 1: Opening the door at night automatically lighting / closing the door delay off the light

Door and window sensor + smart light or door and window sensor + smart power strip / Lvmi switch

Usually at home, the switch position may be unreasonable. After entering the door, the black light is still ignited and the switch is turned on. Therefore, opening the door light may be one of the most basic intelligent scenes. The actual principle is also very simple. Only the door and window sensor needs to be set to monitor the door opening, and the corresponding device will be automatically opened. ( The device here can be an intelligent lighting device purchased separately or by turning on the smart power strip or switch, so that the traditional device can be powered on. In addition to the conditions and results, you need to set the time interval range. The landlord sets it according to his own schedule. From 7:00 to 7:00, you can set it according to your needs.

There is another type of more common situation that I believe will cover a lot of people. Like building a house in the landlord’s home, the first thing to go back home after going out at night is to turn on the lights on the first floor, then go to the stairs and then open the stairs lights. Finally, come back and turn off the lights on the first floor. It is really People are crazy. First open the door and turn on the light according to the above content can be solved perfectly, then we need to set a step, the door and window sensor monitors to close the door, the corresponding equipment will automatically close after a certain time, so that the landlord can directly enter the house and then go to the second floor After three minutes, wait for the lights to turn off automatically. The landlord here uses the green meter smart switch to turn the lights on the stairs into intelligent linkage.

Intelligent Scene 2: Timed off air conditioning / over temperature open air conditioning

Mijia Bluetooth Thermometer + Air Conditioning Companion

Air-conditioned companion has a sleep mode, you can directly set the temperature of different time periods, and the air adjustment is no problem at night; the following scenes only provide a reference, you can set it according to the respective scenes (but the landlord thinks that the inverter air conditioner is not open all night). More electricity than repeated switching of air conditioners)

If there is no habit of turning on the air conditioner all night, the air conditioner will be turned off one hour before going to bed. Although the air conditioner remote control comes with a timing function, the operation experience is very cumbersome. The air conditioner companion provides an intuitive countdown interface. Of course, there is no need to open the app. To control the countdown. Instead, set up a manual scene “delay one hour to turn off the air conditioner” , then set a voice command to control through the millet ai speaker

If the air conditioner is turned off at night, sometimes the room temperature is too high, and it is often awakened by heat or sweating in the morning. Then, the temperature is monitored by the temperature and humidity sensor. Then, when the temperature is higher than the set value, the air conditioner is turned on and adjusted to the set temperature parameter. Here, it is necessary to pay attention to the set time interval.

Smart Scene 3: Forgetting to turn off the air conditioner automatically after closing the door

Door and window sensor + air conditioning companion

Sometimes the indoor air conditioner is open and forgot to close the door. This requires relying on the door and window sensor and the air conditioner companion. One of the sensors has a condition that “the door and window are not closed for more than one minute” (the default setting can only be changed in one minute), and the air conditioner will automatically turn off when the door and window are open for more than one minute. Conditions, so the landlord reminds himself to close the door every time he opens the door.

Intelligent Scene 4: Voice Control Traditional Fan/TV

Millet ai speaker + air conditioning companion

The air conditioner companion can control any device that is controlled by infrared remote control. The landlord can control the TV, electric fan and other equipment accordingly by placing the air conditioner companion in the bedroom. The air-conditioned companion can copy the function of each button through infrared learning, and then associate the command with the corresponding voice for voice control. Things that can be done in one sentence no longer have to worry about the trouble that the remote control can’t find too much.


The above introduction is only the most basic case in the intelligent scene. In fact, an AI smart speaker can achieve a lot of intelligent scenes with the air conditioner companion.


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