Google Home Mini vs. Amazon Echo Dot: Which is More Funny?

I am not an expert, can’t compare technically, can only compare the feelings of use, from the perspective of fans~

I bought the echo dot in June this year and only received the Google home mini today. Both bought black.


The echo dot is a bit more industrial. Although it is round, it has angular edges and buttons with volume control.

The Google home mini looks more sleek, more literary, and has no volume control buttons.

There is no obvious preference at present. If the design has personality, the echo dot is like a male, it is more tough, or because I bought black, Google home mini is gentle.



Both devices need to be initialized after the first boot, connect to WiFi, familiar with voice, etc.

The echo dot will automatically generate a WiFi signal, and the mobile phone connects to the WiFi signal and sets it through the app. The Google home mini is connected via Bluetooth. After the phone is turned on, it is set by the app. More like Google’s way, no need to reconnect with WiFi, it is more convenient.

In terms of voice, Alexa said a lot of words before and after, and they all had different instructions. Google made 4 sentences, hi Google, hey Google repeated twice.

3. Speech recognition ability

Google is the perfect winner.

I want to say that my accent is okay, Alexa often does not respond, and an instruction says that many times I can’t understand it, Google can easily identify it. When the two devices recognize the voice, the indicator light will flash, but often my words have not finished, Alexa’s light does not flash, try to respond a few times, there is no patience, Google will patiently listen to the words .

EDIT: A few days ago, I saw that Google was ready to improve the function of the interaction. Suddenly I remembered that Google home had a small “trick” last year, starting with hi Google merry Christmas, and then Google will lead a series of dialogues and questions, eventually it will Put a short song or a short story. During the whole conversation, you don’t need to repeat hi Google.

4. Sound effects

Alexa can only set female voices, Google has two choices.

The effect of playing music, it feels almost the same, the effect of ordinary sound, my megaboom is better to listen.

5. Other abilities

I rented a small apartment myself. There is no other connectable device, electric light refrigerator monitor, and there is no comparison in this respect.

Listening to songs, Alexa can be associated with an Amazon account, and the prime account can listen to music. Google can link to YouTube, and now there is a free trail, which will be charged later. Both can be associated with Spotify, but Alexa can only associate with the prime account. Google can associate a normal account, but can’t listen to the songs in the account.

EDIT: I bought Spotify premium before, associated with echo dot and Google home. I don’t know which one is better. If I am at home, the web version and the app version of Spotify can be recognized by both devices, and the song can be pushed. If I am at the company or outside, Spotify will only recognize the echo dot.

I don’t know if the speech recognition is not good or the search function is normal. When using Alexa, there is often a feeling of playing the cow. It has been said several times, nothing happens, and the question cannot be answered normally. Google’s speech recognition is better, its search capabilities are strong, and there are some very interesting answers. For example, ask Google, which do you think is better for you and Alexa? It will answer: I can’t compare myself, perfect doesn’t sit together; if praised that Google is better than Alexa, it will answer thank you, she is pretty amazing; ask which restaurant is better, or when It’s easy to answer where to go and other topics.

Edit: At present Alexa’s answer is more modest, very standard, Google is more diversified, the same questions sometimes have different answers, such as asking time, Alexa is always a very standard answer, Google’s format will not The same, there is more realism of talking to people.

6. Is there a bug?

I haven’t found Google bugs for a while. The usage time is too short. Alexa has had a bug. When I wake up in the morning, the alarm clock can’t be stopped many times. Finally, I can only stop it by unplugging the power. Once again, there is no In the case of any command, the aperture is always flashing, and for a moment I feel that I am being monitored.

Because I just got the Google home mini today, I just thought it was fun, and I wanted to record my first impression.

Save $20 on Google Home Mini.

Other Voice:

  • Lorraine Whitten I have Show..Echo and a dot my partner has google mini + truthfully google knows answer 2 everything Alexa dnt seem to know much bout anything…
  • Chris Smith I have both, but I’m a fan of the Google AI over Alexa, but that’s just me. I have Google throughout the house now and Alexa just in the living room. Alexa still edges out Google slightly in 3rd party device integration, but at this rate, that lead is extremely marginal. Google dominated CES this year. The biggest thing would be if you have any devices that are proprietary to either systems? Like Wyze cams or SONOS (at the moment) only play with Alexa. If you don’t have any products dependent specifically on Alexa, I would go with Google. It’s just all around more intuitive and the Google ecosystem is much more robust, from photos, to calendar, to contacts. You’re likely already tied into it.
  • Jeff Martinez Google home mini can link to other Google home minis in your home, giving a full home surround system.
    Also google home mini has a more powerfull A.I.
    Alexa seems good, but i tend to believe its powdered by advertising
  • Here’s my situation.. I have a google home mini got it for $0.99 during spotify special. I am wanting to be able to run a alexa skill from my google home to start my truck via voice.. I am just wondering if I should just buy a echo dot or if it isnt worth it.. . I tried using IFTTT but am not having any luck.. maybe one of you smart people out there can help me out so I dont have to go to an echo dot.
  • Graham Hughes I have both and prefer Google mini. The voice recognition is better. If your an android user you will get the exact same benefits away from home without opening Alexa app.
    Most i.o.t that supports Alexa also support Google so I wouldn’t worry about that.
    However the sound quality is definitely better on the echo dot.

So, which one will you choose ?

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