CES2019 TV New Technology: 8K/Curlable/200 inch

Guide: Compared with the boring of many product lines, this year CES can be said to be a TV event, you will sing me to debut, so lively, then I will give you a good inventory.

On January 8, 2019, Beijing time, the annual international consumer electronics show, CES2019, was held in Las Vegas, USA. As one of the world’s largest electronics fairs, CES brings together black technology products and innovative technologies in every field of the world. Compared with the boring of many product lines, this year CES can be said to be a TV event, and you will sing me to the stage, so I am not busy, then I will give you a good inventory.

The main battlefield of 8K TV

A very big attraction of CES this year is TV, and the biggest explosion of the TV industry in this year’s CES is 8K TV, and all the new products are in full swing. In fact, Sharp released its 8K TV products a few years ago, but at that time the conditions were not mature enough, and few manufacturers followed suit. In the last year, 8K TV received attention, and some manufacturers began to follow up. Sony also released the 8K TV prototype on CES2018. At the beginning of the 19th year, that is, at these two days of CES, the major brands of 8K TVs came to Las Vegas, ushered in a wave of explosions.

Sony 8K TV Z9G


When it comes to TV, it is naturally inseparable from the benchmark of Dafa. Although it is the industry benchmark, but Dafa did not particularly catch up with the trend, in the first echelon last year, 8K TV was released. Instead, I feel that when the time is right, I will launch my 8K TV at this CES. On the morning of January 8th, Beijing time, Sony released its 8K TV Z9G and the latest OLED TV A9G before CES. Among them, the 8K HDR version of the Z9G has 98 inch and 88 inch versions respectively.


Z9G contains many core technologies that Sony exclusively developed for 8K technology. 8K HDR image processing chip X1 Ultimate, equipped with the newly developed 8K X-Reality PRO technology (8K Image Processing Engine PRO), through the powerful 8K image information database, can analyze and provide excellent image quality for a variety of input signals The optimization algorithm, and for the current popular network video, real-time analysis of the details of the image loss and a variety of noise information and optimization and upgrade, bringing more detailed 8K ultra-high-definition pictures.

Samsung 8K QLED TV Q900 Series


Compared with most TV brands, 8K TVs are usually launched one or two models. Samsung has directly announced that it will launch 98 inch QLED 8K TVs, as well as 65 inch, 75 inch, 82 inch and 85 inch models.


The new series embeds a quantum processor 8K chip to provide the best QLED image quality in 8K resolution. Samsung said its artificial intelligence- based technology can identify and upgrade any content, regardless of the original resolution, to be close to the original 8K quality.

LG flagship 8K TV Z9


Before the launch of CES, LG released its flagship 8K TV Z9 in its official website on 2019, using the new HDMI2.1 standard interface, supporting up to 4K/120HZ or 8K/60HZ, supporting HDR and Dolby panoramic sound. Support for virtual 5.1 channel, also supports Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa dual voice assistant.


The LG Z9 will use the second-generation α9 processor to identify the quality of the content source through a deep learning algorithm and upgrade it to the best image quality to enhance the image display and sound quality. In addition, the second-generation α9 processor automatically adjusts screen brightness based on ambient light while optimizing HDR content to ensure stunning contrast and detail performance even in the darkest scenes.


Many domestic TV brands have always been the leader of the entire TV industry. How can the 8K TV boom get less?


Before the CES show, TCL was the first to release the latest artificial intelligence 8K TV including TCL X10 QLED 8K and 8 series flagship products , which is the first QLED 8K TV set by TCL in the US market. In addition, TCL officially announced that it has joined the 8K TV Association as a founding member and launched a new artificial intelligence platform – TCL AI-IN.


The TCL 8K TV X10 supports the Dolby Vision and offers unprecedented color: up to 40 times the brightness when you need to brighten it, and 10 times the standard picture when you need a black tone. In addition, TCL solves the content quality problem of the content itself through the exclusive research and development of 2K to 8K, 4K to 8K algorithm, allowing users to fully experience the charm of 8K “extreme HD”.

Editor’s Note: It is undoubtedly exciting to see so many TV manufacturers at CES begin to market the 8K products. After the enthusiasm, I also have some opinions on the 8K TV writer who is obviously high above.


8K TV as a brand new TV category, now all major manufacturers will apply their latest audio and video quality technology to their 8K TV, which leads to the current 8K TV is too high-end, although many do not know the specific price, but It can be very responsible to say that the price of each 8K TV is not affordable for the average consumer. What’s more, 8K resources are really rare now. What do TV manufacturers need to do to accelerate the popularity of 8K TV?


Most TV brands, including Sony and Samsung, will promote this when promoting their 8K TVs: through the rich data base of TV and powerful intelligent algorithms, the ordinary video that users watch can be optimized to 8K resolution. Rate video, let users enjoy the vivid picture effect no matter what they look at. To be honest, I have a lot of interest and doubts about this effect. I don’t know if it is really effective or it is mandatory to render the video to 8K resolution. The actual picture is not much improved. Of course, this problem can be fully known after the actual experience of 8K TV. The video of the 8K TV broadcast on the live booth is basically 8K ultra-high definition video.


The first 8K channel starts broadcasting

At present, we have seen that 8K TVs are basically mainstream brands abroad, and domestic brands are less active. Although the construction of 8K content is still very simple, but the saying goes, “The terracotta warriors have not moved, the grain and grass first,” 8K TV needs to be laid out first. I personally think that 8K TV will be the focus of TV in the future, and I feel that domestic brands are still better to enter as early as possible. What’s more, Japan has already opened its first 8K channel, and content construction is already on the road, and the products are not to be left behind.

In addition to 8K TV, this year’s CES also has a lot of TV black technology, second to none is LG’s rollable OLED TV, even more than a lot of 8K TV.

Rollable TV

This product has not yet been officially named. The LG called it OLED TV R (Signature Series 65R9). From the initial experimental display to the current finished product, the whole is very beautiful. Simply put, LG installed a large, sized, flexible, flexible, and curlable OLED panel on a stylish base. The key is that the panel can be automatically curled or retracted into the base without having to watch TV. .


LG said that the panel display of the OLED TV R TV will take about 15 seconds to fully display and support up to 50,000 folding and unfolding. Of course, the most important thing is that the new form of this TV product can bring new inspiration and ideas to people’s living room design, not just the trick.

200 inch freely customizable TV


In addition to the 8K TV, Samsung demonstrated its revolutionary achievements in Micro LED display panel technology at this CES 2019 conference: Modular Micro LED technology. Samsung showed two sizes of Micro LED display devices, the 75-inch TV and the 219-inch large-screen “The Wall” screen. The key point is that the actual size and shape of the two products can be customized.


According to Samsung, its latest Micro LED display technology provides self-illumination technology and modular features that deliver unparalleled picture quality, versatility and design. Of course, the author thinks that the most attractive is the ability to customize the size and shape, some places such as cinemas, shopping malls and other areas that need to customize large screens will be their potential users.

This year’s CES show is undoubtedly a TV event, and all the new products are very exciting. However, the replacement of TV products is not as fast as many digital products, and the technology has been deposited for a long time. Therefore, it takes a short time for new products to be popularized. However, it is precisely because of this characteristic that the previous CES exhibitions have become the place where major TV manufacturers “show muscles”. This year, I can see so many shocking new products. So many black technologies are worthwhile. And think of such a powerful product will gradually spread in the future, for consumers who love the latest TV black technology, it also adds a new hope to life.

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