Ambi Climate 2 Smart Air Conditioner Controller Works with Alexa Review

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The Future of Heating and Cooling

It’s essential to feel comfortable in the space you call home, but traditional air conditioners can make true comfort impossible. Don’t spend another day coming home and feeling way too cold or miserably stuffy! Switch to Ambi Climate, the best smart heating and AC controller for a premium, personalized experience.

Advanced AI algorithms and sensors learn about your preferences and environment, allowing Ambi to auto-adjust your heat or AC to meet your every need when weather changes or when the sun is blazing through your curtains.

The small, sleek device completely optimizes your comfort and energy expenditure without interrupting the flow of your home; it’s got beauty and brains!


  • ADVANCED INTELLIGENCE, MAX COMFORT – This is one smart, energy-conserving air conditioner controller! From a robust AI engine, to smart modes and unlimited timers to create personalized comfort, you’ll give the Ambi Climate an A+!
  • ALEXA, I FEEL COLD – Never get up to turn on or adjust the heat or AC again! Ambi Climate is integrated with Alexa for easy voice control for your AC! And when you’re away, use IFTTT & Geolocation to ensure you don’t return to a freezing or overheated home!
  • 2-YEAR WARRANTY – Ambi has you covered for more than just air conditioning control! Purchase confidently, knowing a 2-year manufacturer warranty is included.
  • USE THE AMBI APP – Keep your home at always-perfect conditions with your smartphone. Give feedback on your comfort level via Ambi’s app (iOS and Android), and watch how your device learns to auto-adjust your heating and AC to match your needs.
  • FRIENDLY REMINDER – The Ambi Climate is a smart AC controller for heat pumps, ductless mini-splits and any unit with a multi-function LCD-screen remote control. Most brands are compatible with Ambi, excluding Frigidaire.
  1. After just 3 feedback responses, Ambi Climate begins to build a unique profile based on your needs and preferences.
  2. Based on your profile, AI algorithms and unique sensors automatically adjust your AC to provide you with premium satisfaction and comfort in any environment.
  3. Monitor or adjust your home’s climate settings anytime through your smart devices (iOS and Android).
  4. Reduce monthly electricity costs by up to 30% with the most efficient AC control.
  5. AI capabilities learn the level of comfort you need, so it’s easier than ever to maintain the right indoor climate.
  6. Ambi is integrated with Alexa & IFTTT to help you streamline and automate your home.
  7. There’s no reason the home you have can’t be the home of your dreams. Set timers, create rules, and fully adjust your heat and AC, all with one small and smart air conditioner controller.


Comfort You Can Control

Ambi Climate has four modes to choose from, so your zone can always stay in “just right” condition.

Comfort Mode

Ambi Climate will intelligently learn from your feedback and environment to auto-adjust the heat and AC and deliver personalized comfort at all times and seasons.

Away Mode

AI will help you keep temperature or humidity conditions within a desired threshold and minimize energy costs by only switching the AC on when needed.

Temperature Mode

Select your favorite room temperature and watch Ambi maintain your preferred environment by lowering or raising your AC’s temperature as needed.

Manual Mode

Replace your old-fashioned remote with an intuitive, easy app and control your AC anywhere and anytime without added AI or smart features.

Easy as 1-2-3

Simply find a spot for your Ambi, plug it in, and download the app to begin! There’s no complicated installation or any small parts you can easily lose. Control your Ambi Climate with your voice or through your smartphone anywhere you have Internet.

That’s the beauty of a smart AC controller!


Buyers Review:

  • Was unable to complete set up. Contacted Amazon for support, after basic steps I had already taken myself, was directed to manufacturer. Ambi was fairly responsive via the contact us module of the app. However, after 4 days of troubleshooting, they chaulked it up to a hardware issue and asked me to send it to them for repair (did not cover shipping cost). Returned through Amazon instead and ordered a replacement. Will update review when it arrivesUPDATE: I was still a bit dismayed when I received the second unit and realized my AC wasn’t supported natively, however their customer service was great, and arranged a call to capture the codes my remote uses. The next day, everything was working Perfectly! Highly recommend this product as long as you are willing to work through the set up.
  • The first few days I’ve been using this device, I was a little bit skeptical. I already bought 2 Cielo Home remotes and it had an LCD display, which was great. Unfortunately, you can’t get the same read out from Ambi Climate. But what it lacks in aesthetic, the AI feature more than makes up for it. And you can always see the room temperature and humidity in the app anyway. The AI feature is really great. It helps adjust the room temperature accordingly and I’ve been sleeping more comfortably since I started using this device. I can definitely say that I will be having a difficult time sleeping someplace else without this controlling my AC.
  • I ordered two of these for my Mitsubishi mini-split system. They were great for two weeks, but then one of them spontaneously stopped communicating, and it was impossible to reset it or to get it back to working condition. I’m returning the defective unit and replacing it with another, because when these things work they are terrific. I hope the next one lasts a lot longer though.
  • My apartment has an open floor plan and I was able to position Ambi so that it controls 3 ACs at once. I really enjoy comfort mode. The only issue I have with Alexa integration is that it seems to only allow me to say “I am hot”, “I am cold”, or “I am comfortable”. This was confusing since in the app you have the options of “a little hot” or “a little cold”. Also it still hasn’t resolved the issue that my wife and I are not always comfortable at the same temperature. I am considering a second one for our bedroom.

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