A High Level of Blurring – Between You and the Perfect Selfie

Once, beauty selfies were an important highlight feature used by mobile phone manufacturers to attract attention. Because in life you will find that whether it is ordinary users or traffic stars, girls are relishing the self-portrait behavior. You simply put a grimace on your phone or a light smile, tapping the shutter with one hand, and a photo is taken in an instant. Compared to the tedious post-processing of placing photos in the PS, we can also process the photos in one go with the beauty function in the phone, and finally share the social network with one click and you’re done.


However, after almost all mobile phones have their own beauty functions, people have more expectations for mobile phone selfies. Compared to those who are over-derived and whitened, the people like the slight modification, rather than the bold face-lifting, and can still make a large-scale effect while preserving the truth. What kind of selfie can I call it a perfect selfie? You may need a phone with a high level of beauty.

The Samsung A9 Star is one of the good choices. It is equipped with a 24 megapixel camera and a 4x sampling Tetracell technology. The AI ​​is purely beautiful, further reducing the noise generated when taking pictures. And through Samsung’s exclusive real-time phantom viewfinder function, the self-timer also has a super-mobile level blur effect. As a professional mobile phone evaluation media, naturally we can’t just look at the parameters. Let’s take a look at the samples taken with Samsung A9 Star.



The most suitable application for blurring scenes is when the light environment is more complicated. At this time, the self-timer is supplemented by the reasonable use of light, and the background light source is created by blurring to create a more dreamy effect, even without filters and beauty, light and shadow. The magical change between the two can also give you a big-level experience.


When the background is more messy, the depth of field is still a weapon for self-timer. By blurring the effect, you can easily highlight the subject of the photo, so that other elements will not be distracted. At this time, the perfect selfie made by 24 million pixels is the deserved protagonist. You will find that the brightness of the girl’s face is significantly improved, and the skin color is more natural and shiny. This is a lot higher than the simple dermabrasion.


It can be seen from this photo that the Samsung Galaxy A9 Star’s blur function is accurately identified, it can accurately identify the Kumamoto in the same plane, and only the background blur, it can be said that it is a very intelligent blur algorithm. It is.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy A9 Star continues Samsung’s superior performance in terms of camera quality. The white balance is more accurate, the color reproduction is more satisfactory, and there is no color cast or astigmatism. It belongs to the same level of superior price. The addition of real-time background blurring makes it a gap between mobile phones and ordinary mobile phones. For those who like selfies, the Samsung Galaxy A9 Star is a good choice.

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