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GEEKLIN Wireless Security Camera, 1080P Wireless/Wired IP Camera,Baby Pet Baby Monitor with & Pan/Tilt & Night Vision 



Find a home security camra with very good customer reviews.

Product description


The P2P(Plug and Play) Megapixel Wireless IP Camera features high definition 1920×1080 P video resolution, h.264 video compression,Micro-SD card support (up to 64GB), two-way audio, Wi-Fi capability, pan/tilt, remote internet viewing, motion detection, night vision.
In addition, it is Smartphone compatible (iPhone, Android – app required) as well as viewable over the internet using standard browsers on IE or Mac (Safari only).
Enjoy the convenience and peace of mind knowing that your loved ones and personal belongings are safe and out of harm’s way.
Stream HD quality video and audio directly to your PC (Windows & Mac), iPhone, Android phone, or Tablet.

Excellent two way audio quality,you can speak to your baby and listen what your baby saying via wansview App.
When you get tired at work, open the mobile App to watch your baby is doing or your baby’s smile which will let you forget all trouble. Take quick snopshots and record video to share the important moment to your friends.
HD Video, Quickly And Easy Setup One Key WI-FI configuration and P2P technology make you access the IP Camera quickly even you do not have a degree in networking.
See live video on your phone and computer.
Notice: make sure your WIFI is 2.4G,do not have special symbols in the WIFI name or password.


  • TWO-WAY AUDIO: You can hear what’s going on in the room you’re monitoring, and through our mobile app, you can speak directly to anyone in your room. This feature lets you use the as a security camera at your front door, trained on your valuables, or to monitor your child, pets or playroom.
  • MOTION DETECTION:Get push notifications on your smartphone or tablet whenever motion is detected. You can also choose to have the camera record only when it detects a motion in the room. It’s not only saves you space on your microSD card but also means you can browse events only and not have to sift through hours of footage like you would with continuous recording.
  • Activity Alerts:Receive real-time notifications whenever motion is detected. Send alarm notification and image to mobile device! Records movement to help you keep an eye on everything!
  • CAPTURE EVERYTHING IN HD 360° COVERAGE : Not like 720P, 960H,1080H,Vivid 1080p resolution 2.0 Mega pixel camera give you a clear, crisp video and smooth movements. 340° horizontal and 90° vertical rotation range create a 360° coverage.
  • CLEAR TWO-WAY AUDIO& NIGHT VISION: Remotely talk and listen via mobile App even in the dark with the IR LED night vision up to 20 feet.So you can keep in touch with your baby when you miss him and want to talk to him. This home security camera gives you fantastic night experience even in pitch dark and full protection to see the whole room at night — not just a limited spotlight view at anytime of day or night. It also can be used for shops, meeting room, pets,nanny, elder monitor.

What buyers Say:

  • Excellent product, easily installed, app easy to use on phone. High quality images. Installed on 14′ ceiling. Used existing recessed lighting for power. Replaced bulb with outlet receptacle. Made round plate of 1/8″ wood to fit just inside recessed lighting fixture, painted white and attached mounting bracket for camera. Live video, panorama, audible work nicely. Motion Alerts set to high sensitivity can be very frequent. Change in lighting (i.e. light turned on in dark room), movement or reflections from outside, pet or human movement in view of camera will trigger alert. I installed for pet observation so it works well for me. Can zoom live video on phone. User manual is rudimentary at best. Adding additional phones is not documented. It is done from within the phone app using the 3-circles icon in upper right. That takes you to Share Device. Select Share Device with Family. I
  • I got this to keep an eye on my puppy when he’s home alone for peace of mind. It’s got a two way mic, you can hear live sound over the app and can speak through the camera. I mostly use it to tell when he seems distressed and to correct him when I spot him crewing on the carpet. The video quality is pretty crappy though and even though you can zoom in it doesn’t really make the picture much more clear usually. Anyone with the app and login info can watch the same feed but the quality drops like a rock when my husband and I watch on two separate phones. The mic distorts our voices some but it’s still clear enough to hear what we’re saying.At first we had it sitting on a table in the room but soon noticed a pretty obvious blind spot so we mounted it on the wall and now it can see the whole room and has a great range of motion, if it’s a little slow to respond. We didn’t even use the mounting part, just slapped one of those Velcro picture hanging strips on the back and put it on the wall and it’s held up so far.The app is pretty straightforward and easy to use. It’s been working great, using it for constant live video, going on 3 months now.
  • Quality. Easy of use. The level of customer service is the best I’ve experienced in a decade. I e-mailed ahead of time with questions and they responded within an hour and continued to respond for several follow up questions; this was before I even purchased the camera. Setup was easy and the quality of picture is fantastic. Night vision is clear.
  • Very helful to serve as a security camera. It took a while to set it up since our wifi is not compatible with the camera, ended up using ethernet cable to connect it with our router and then my phone. I Installed it on top of the front door. I likes the fact that it has speaker. If I find any suspicious people by the door, I may use vocal warning to scare them away at the first place.
  • Positives: Good picture. It has a speaker and a microphone to be used as a baby camera or nannycam, but I turned that off. It has pan and tilt; from a smartphone by dragging the screen, or on the PC by clicking small arrow buttons on the display. Setup was not bad, but not super-easy. Comes with a very insecure default user name and password, but it’s easy to change those. You can have up to four cameras linked to the same admin console, and flip between them. I have two, and it’s easy to switch. The camera does have a motion sensor, and you can program it to take pictures or send you alerts if it detects something. These can be stored on your PC or mobile device, or an an SD card in the camera itself. (Not included, so be sure to order one if you want that functionality.)
  • love this camera! It does everything we wanted it to. Grandpa is in assisted living and we can watch him day and night. We can even talk to him and remind him to stay in bed or tell him that will be late for a visit. Sometimes the sound that I hear on my smartphone is not the greatest quality but what he hears in his room is perfect. I love that we can watch him and I love that the staff know that we can be watching them day or night. One feature that I wish was different is that that app cannot be open with any others on my phone. I’ve thought about having a separate phone just as the monitor for the camera. It is worth every penny!! I bought my second one just today!!

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