4K Underwater Action Camera Portable Sports Camera Recorder for Parkour Diving Ski Biking


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DveeTech 4K Waterproof Action Camera,Professional only for recording

DveeTech is committed to designing a wide range of action cameras. The best choice and companion for your future outdoor activities.

With amazing DveeTech action camera,capture your life’s movements.Share it with your friends and family at any time.Perfect for outdoor extreme sports,water sports.Have more fun when car driving ,snorkeling,swimming , diving ,surfing,skateboarding,climbing,hiking,cycling etc .

Without any worry for photo or video quality because of 4k Ultra HD resolution.

It’s more than a camera. We hope it to be a portal that passes on happiness. We want nothing more than to share the excitement with you.

Ultra HD 4K 16MP Camera

4K/16MP can shoot ultra HD video/photo, record wonderful moment and bring extraordinary visual experience. Pictures and videos shown to be clearer. There are also 1080P(60fps) or 720P(120fps) to make videos more smooth.

Time Lapse

The time lapse,loop recording and slow motion mode will catch any moments you wanted

Waterproof up to 30m (98ft)

S2 4K action camera with the waterproof case installed, you can dive underwater up to 98ft. Perfect for swimming, surfing, diving, etc. This underwater case can provide excellent protection for camera from scratches and hit.

Extra Wide Angle Lens

Hight quality 170° wide angle lens will capture maximum views that you would like to include in your videos or photos.


  • 【📷 4K / 16MP &shark prevention 📷】DveeTech sports camera uses original Sony sensor, amazing 4K / 30fps video and 16MP photos are clearer and more realistic than 1080P 12MP. Built-in smart gyroscope and electronic image stabilization make the video smooth even in motion,even in Biking or Parkour, this camera is indispensable for sports enthusiasts.
  • 【📷 Protect your camera in or out of water 📷】DveeTech underwater action camera was designed to withstand extreme environments, together with premium durable waterproof case,it’s will protect your camera whatever in 30meters water or fell off from sports
  • 【📷 Built-in WiFi & HDMI/USB Video Output 📷】Download the free app to your smart phone or tablet to take full control of the 4K camera via WiFi connection. Edit video and share photo to social media instantly. The HDMI and USB video output allow you Enjoy big screen video on TV/Computer/ Projectors
  • 【📷 Long Battery Life and Professional service 📷】Up to 200 minutes (Dual Rechargeable Lithium Batteries) shooting time,More Safe Guarantee with DveeTech: 30 Days money back, 24 hours professional after-sale service,12-months warranty
  • 【📷 A lots of Accessories 📷】Compatible for most of brand cameras and market mainstream action cameras.Attached to helmets, bike, surfboards, belt, arm band and other objects easily with Lots of accessories, mountable design for shooting the thrill of extreme activities

Buyers Review:

  • If you’re looking for a cheap alternative to a GoPro camera, you could do a whole lot worse than the DVEETECH S2 Action Camera. Though it’s less than $50, it packs quite a punch and serves as a fantastic intro sports camera.
    The camera itself is small – only a couple of inches wide – though it feels sturdily built. It includes a power button as well as an ‘okay’ button and two ‘selection’ buttons. At first, it doesn’t seem like that’s enough but after you’ve played around with it for a little, you quickly get into the groove of going through menus, making selections, etc.
    The quality of the video and audio is really good for a $50 camera. However, the pictures aren’t the greatest because of the semi-fish-eye lens. But when you consider the cost, you can’t help but be impressed.
    On top of the camera, you’ll get a ton of accessories (including a water-proof case that I didn’t feel comfortable testing out) that will allow you to use your camera in any situation. The only major negative here is the fact that there is no memory card included so you’ll need to provide your own microSD card. One other minor drawback is worth mentioning – the manual isn’t particularly helpful. On the other hand, the camera isn’t all that complicated so you shouldn’t have much of a problem figuring out how to make it work.
    If you have a child who wants to try an action-camera out, this would be a perfect option before going all-out with a GoPro! You can’t go wrong with a $45 camera that takes HD video and can go anywhere (including underwater)!
  • I bought this action camera because it stated in the description that it has a 4×zoom however the camera I received does not…. very disappointed..*update* I was contacted by seller and was given instructions on how to zoom(I just wish I said it in the instructions manual)…works AWESOME!!!!
  • The picture is Not 4K it’s Fuzzy. The picture dimension shows a 4K size but the image is Not a sharp 4K image as seen on my 4K TV. I don’t know why everyone says their product is 4K when it really isn’t that high of a resolution. It doesn’t have anything near 4,000 lines of resolution.
  • I really didn’t want to spend the money required for a GoPro or similar camera but wanted to get some action videos of my kids’ sports teams. But,for this dveetech camera, I can’t imagine this little camera can work well as 5 times expensive camera,amazing action camera, I am looking forward to filming more and more.
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